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domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

A corner of my bedroom: Bloesem

Well... 'A corner of my bedroom' series is finally back and today I'm very pleased to share with you the private space of Irene, Author of Bloesem and BloesemKids, two awesome blogs everybody love and if you don't know them yet, you must visit them! Irene is great Dutch lady who also lived in NYC and now is based from Kuala Lumpur. I love her fresh take on design and if you have kids, BloesemKids is a must-go destination.
Ca y est, la serie "A corner of my bedroom" est de retour et aujourd'hui je suis ravie de partager avec vous la chambre d'Irene, auteur de
Bloesem et BloesemKids, deux blogs geniaux que tout le monde adore. Irene est une hollandaise geniale, qui a vecu a New-York et maintenant vit a Kuala Lampour. J'aime beaucoup son approche fraiche du design et si vous avez des enfants, BloesemKids est une destination incontournable.

★★From Irene★★
"The Master bedroom! That is where my husband and I are currently sleeping…a little over a year ago we moved to a real house after living in apartments all our lives and while searching for this house we saw many 'huge' master-bedrooms, apparently very important here in Asia. For us it feels like having a second living-room and I must say we spend quite some time here…Sunday mornings, evenings and when the family wants to watch a movie…the only real TV in our house is in our bedroom. I have tried to make it cozy by adding some nostalgia and sentimental accessories…like a patchwork blanket that I made myself from fabrics that my mom gave to me, my photo-album from when I was a baby, some vintage vases and the old telephone from the Netherlands. A picture of me and my sister is hanging above my bedside table and only recently I added the textile fabric wall decal (yes also made them myself). I love my new necklaces from Kristina Klarin and the yellow hanger is there to give some color to the wall. I wish was allowed to paint the floor black or white….""

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