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sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2009

Simple crosses

I have a fascination for crosses. I think I have always loved the simplicity of a wooden cross. I remember reading years ago, about the flat of a fashion designer in Elle Decoration. She had this wonderful, large mahagony wooden cross sitting on a chest of drawers and with this simple object, wooden floors and white linen, her pare-down bedroom looked incredibly calming and relaxing.

I like how Elodie wore her wooden cross by Cote Bastide on a white linen tunique above. Like this charm bracelet, crosses have a timeless appeal and a little boho feel to them but I really think that you need to wear at least two to turn them into a fashion accessory rather than a religious statement.

Nicole Houques who created Cote Bastide and French Interior Designer Jacqueline Morabito integrate often crosses in their designs, getting inspiration from life in villages from the South of France, Toscany and sometimes North Africa. This stoup (above) for instance, is a reproduction of an original font for Holy Water from the XVIII Century and has a captivating appeal that will give a unique feel to a bare wall.
Two years ago, I purchased a bunch of little white crosses (see below) from the wonderful Bamford Barn in the Cotswolds. They were sold as Christmas tree decorations but I hung them as a cluster in our home. Steve also bought me this gorgeous big cross in New-Zealand (hung above the Paulistano chair) but it's probably the last one I'm allowed to hang in our home :-) ....

What about you? Do you love crosses? Do you love something not for what they are meant for but rather because you see beauty in them?

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